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Zamojskie Towarzystwo Fotograficzne | Zamość

International Festival of Photography Eastern 2017

Event runs from Jul 20, 2017 to Aug 20, 2017 (Zamość)

Zamosc Society of Photography invites to Eastern 2017!

This year the festival consists of 10 photography exhibitions and accompanying meetings aimed at Jewish issues. We are going to see individual exhibitions of Gil Cohen-Magen, Menachem Kipnis, Jakub Ochnio and Svetlana Seredenko. Kiev Photoclub 9x12 and Zamosc Society of Photography are going to present their group exhibitions. Projects: "Israel yesterday and today", "Non-existent city", "Jews in the Zamosc region," and "The lost world. Polish Jews. Photographs from 1918-1939" curated by Teresa Śmiechowska, are going to be shown as well.
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