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Contest: Classic scene of Nude art

Wydarzenie trwa od 5 lis 2015 do 5 lut 2016 ()

Contest: Classic scene of Nude art. 3-rd edition.
Ateliora.com announces the third edition of the photo contest "Classic scene of Nude art", this time under the slogan "Nudity in lights and shadows".
We are interested in photos showing the human body, where light and shadow interacts to each other carving lines, hiding or highlighting the body parts. Submitted photographs must be black and white.

The competition is open to all photographers.
The competition will begin on 5th November 2015. The deadline for applications expires on February 5th, 2016.
The works will be judged by professional jury composed of: Malvina de Blade, Arkadiusz "Alosha" Branicki, Janusz Firsowicz which will choose the winners for the first 3 places. As in previous editions on our website will also take place the Public vote for an additionnal 4th place. Results will be announced no later than 19 March 2016.

We have prepared, thanks to our sponsors, prizes with a total value exceeding 875€ (3500 PLN).
Details are available on our website https://www.ateliora.com/en/contest/akt-w-klasycznej-odslonie-3

We want also to create a book from a selection of the uploaded photos. We hope that this will be an additional reward to all who participate in the competition. A book is always a good way to promote your work so feel free to participate to the contess.

The sponsors of our contest are:

Western Digital,



Internetowe Labolatorium Fotograficzne Vertis.pl



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