About us
The idea of creating Ateliora came to us in 2008. A team of 12 people spent 26 months creating concept, graphics and tools for photographers which resulted in 90,000 lines in code. On the 15th of September 2011, satisfied with the hard work we had done and with a feeling of humility, we launched beta version to receive the portal’s users opinion about what else could be done or improved. Today we provide you with the newest and hopefully not last Ateliora version.
The main aim of Ateliora is to provide photographers with their web space, where they can safely store copies of their photos.  In the age of digital photography the number of photos we take is large and sooner or later we may face our hard drive damage and lose all pictures. Ateliora gives you an opportunity to preserve your memories in original files.
Ateliora’s users get much more which you are welcomed to discover yourself.
Join us.
Software developer and architect with 20 years of experience. Piotr was the co-owner of the Magma Systemy Komputerowe, the internet service provider for nearly 6000 customers in Wrocław, Poland.
Piotr has been passionate about photography since childhood. He started with Smiena camera and work in the darkroom. Currently, he uses digital SLR camera. Piotr loves taking pictures of  landscapes and capturing travel memories.
Maciej has been working as a commercial illustrator, mainly for French advertising agencies (Publicis, DDB Paris, Saatchi &Saatchi), for fifteen years and making stock illustrations for Getty Images for seven year. He also worked as a web-designer for Zebra Advertising Agency for 4 years.
He has been passionate about photography since he first saw the world through the analog Pentax lens. Presently, he takes photos with digital SLR camera mainly while visiting European capital cities. He likes landscape and architectural photography.
Professional photographer, the Ateliora team member and co-founder. Honoured to be in such company, Krzysiek says, he brings good humour to the team and makes sure Ateliora gives the photographers exactly what they need.
He loves French cuisine, red wine, mountain climbing and cycling.
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Creative Commons Our service allows for including a copyright notice in each photograph based on the Creative Commons solutions. Click on the logo to learn more about the international Creative Commons project.