Service description

Who is Ateliora for?

Ateliora is for you! It is a portal for people who love photography. If you are passionate about taking photos, work in the aera of photography industry or simply love looking at pictures, Ateliora is a portal for you. We will do our best to make you feel satisified with us and to make Ateliora your photography web space.

Ateliora provides you with all tools you need to:

Safely store backup copy of your photo collection

Upload photos up to 25 MB in size without any compression.

Edit your photos online -  as with Photoshop and there is no need to buy any additional software

Become a member of photo passionates community

Create and view spectacular slide presentations

Get access to materials designed to help you develop as a professional


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Creative Commons Our service allows for including a copyright notice in each photograph based on the Creative Commons solutions. Click on the logo to learn more about the international Creative Commons project.