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2017-11-04 21:21:06
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In this year's edition of the XXII Photographic Competition "Polish Hunter" was attended by 154 authors, who sent 1064 photographs.


According to the formula of the competition, all submitted works were evaluated by the jury. It was not an easy choice, because nature photography is a powerful challenge - it requires special patience, alertness, knowledge and determination. The culminating moment closes in a fraction of a second - the released shutter release allows you to stop a small fragment of reality and save it on film or digital camera memory.

Excellent photographs submitted to the competition are more and more every year, which shows the increasing skills of the heirs of the passion of Wlodzimierz Puchalski, who decided to send their work. It is impossible to discuss them all, we present winning photographs in particular categories, which the jury members have captured with their beauty, dynamics and dramaturgy. The authors of these photographs take us with us and lead us to this point in time and space, in which the reality they observe reveals their secrets and secrets to them.

         Wlodzimierz Puchalski forced a very high level. It is all the more delightful that, like every year, so in the current edition of our competition many people have managed to climb to the top, followed by the trails designated Master.

The results of their extraordinary sensitivity and skills - traditionally - could be admired during an exhibition at the Hunting and Equestrian Museum in Warsaw, where during the solemn autumn gala the winners were awarded prizes and where the Chapter of the Competition of Wlodzimierz Puchalskia nnounced the Grand Prix of this year's edition to Grzegorz Bobrowicz. Traditionally, after giving awards - medal and check for the amount of 5 thousand zlotys, the author himself presented the guests with a vernissage behind the scenes of the winning picture.

For those who could not watch the exhibition, please visit the website - www.fotopuchalski.pl, which also contains the archive of previous editions of our competition.

Aleksander Taras


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